Tips for the perfect dog hairstyle

The well being of the dog should be close to the heart of every owner. In order to guarantee this and to let the four-legged friend shine in the best possible light, a continuous coat care is necessary. A handsome appearance is obligatory for this. We will tell you how to bring out the coat of your pet perfectly by trimming and clipping and how to arm your four-legged friend against the summer heat.

The clippers

Thanks to an electric clipper you can trim the fur of your doggo to the perfect hair length in no time at all. But beware: proceed with care when clipping so that the haircut is not too short. If it becomes too short, the dog loses its natural weather protection. As a rule of thumb, a minimum length of about one centimetre should be maintained. Never cut down to the skin! Work your way slowly step by step from the head to the rear end. Remember to remove hair and fur knots between the paw pads. Hair behind the ears may also be gently removed. To get rid of the remaining hair, a final bath is advisable.

Dog Fur Trimming

While trimming the coat during clipping, you get the hair into shape during trimming. Using a trimming knife you can easily remove old and dead hair. When trimming, the hair is virtually plucked out – this method is particularly suitable for rough-haired dog breeds. If the hair is simply shortened here using scissors, it grows back wiry and correspondingly hard. With pure scissors, the new coat cannot penetrate the skin. However, if the hair is removed with the root, the coat can grow back again. The positive side effect: the itching caused by regrowing hair is reduced. Carefully pluck out any excess hair about every 14 days.

The Dog Hairdresser

Nowadays there are special hairdressers for dogs in many cities like here in Denver, who take care of the needs of the four-legged friends and provide the animal clientele with all-round care. The dog will certainly get the optimal hairstyle from the specialist in the dog salon. The dog hairdresser also has a large selection of equipment at his disposal (thinning scissors, manual clippers, electric clippers etc.). Depending on the size of the dog and the structure of the coat, the costs range from 25 to 50 dollars.

The Right Time

When treating your dog’s coat, you must take the seasons into account. For example, some long-haired breeds must be given a summer cut before the hot summer months, otherwise the dense undercoat can cause heat stroke. In winter, you must pay less attention to the coat in general and more to the small tufts between the toes: Trim them so that no ice can accumulate when walking through the snow. Hard snow globules on the paws are extremely unpleasant for dogs.